Wraparound Care Coordination


 Wraparound is a team-based planning and problem solving process to help youth and their families struggling with emotional, mental and behavioral problems. The process begins by identifying the family's strengths and needs and then assisting the family in creating a plan to meet these needs.

Wraparound is available to children and youth ages 0-21 with a current, serious impairment in multiple areas (home, school, social relationships) and who are currently or at risk of being involved with multiple agencies (Exceptional Education, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice).

Parent Advocacy


Our advocates partner with the family, helping to guide them through the service-delivery system by creating a bridge for the family and service providers. Our advocates are family members who have had similar experiences to the families they work with. Family advocates help build informal supports and link families to other community resources. 



 We offer individual, family and group counseling. We also provide play therapy for young children to address mild and moderate emotional and behavioral challenges.  Services may be provided in our office, in a family's home, or in a setting most convenient to a family’s needs. 

Training and Workshops


We provide various trainings to providers, schools, and parents including the Protective Factors, Wraparound 101, Managing Classroom Behavior, Effective Communication, Navigating the IEP Process and Navigating the Court System.

Parenting Classes


We follow a seven-session, curriculum-based program that focuses on essential topics such as parenting styles, goals of misbehavior, cooperation in the family, schoolwork and homework, discipline, understanding beliefs and feelings, single parenting and blending families. Coordinators lead relevant discussions based on real-life situations.  

Strengthening Families


We are always striving to identify family needs in our community and put in place resources to assist.  We currently are collaborating with the Early Learning Coalition of Seminole County to provide the Champion Families Program.  This program is made possible through a grant by United Way and offers financial sustainability education and family wellness through a wraparound/life coaching process.